Set up Contending Line Items & Sell-Through Reports

We have added additional reporting features on your campaign item that pull contending line item or sell-through information directly from DFP into your ADvendio system. Here is how to set it up:

 Contending Line Items

1. Insert the Contending Line Item Button

Open the Campaign Item Layout. 

  1. Find the Button Contending Ads under Buttons and drag onto your page. 
  2. Save the layout.

  3. If you like to run the report push the button now in the layout. A report similar to this will open:

 Sell-Through Page

2. Add the Sell-Through Visual Force Page

Open your Campaign Item Layout. 

  1. Create a new section or use an existing section within your layout.

  2. Find the SellThroughReport under VisualForce Pages and drag onto your section.

  3. Set the properties of your Visual Force Page by clicking on the little wrench icon. 

  4. Save the layout.

  5. Run the report by clicking on the Run Report button in the layout.

  6. Result might look similar to this:
  7. You can customize the following Custom Labels you find in the Setup under Create → Custom Label, search by Category "SellThroughReport".
    • ButtonRunReport
    • SellThroughReportTitle
    • SellThroughReportResult
    • SellThroughImpressionAxisLabel
    • SellThroughRateAxisLabel
    • SellThroughTimeAxisLabel
    • SellThroughImpressionAvailable
    • SellThroughImpressionForecasted
    • SellThroughImpressionReserved
    • SellThroughRate

Please notice that before you can use this feature the a campaign item needs to be linked to dfp by Ad Id. That means that you must submit the line item to DFP successfully before you will get any data back.