Key Value / Audience (AdServer) Targeting

Content and Overview

Alternatively, to the older Legacy Key Value / PreSet Targeting you can use the improved logic of Adserver Targeting described below, which makes especially the handling of Audience Segments much easier. You can set it up by adding the Key Value and Audience Segments columns via the Tab Setup.

Open your line item in the media configurator and navigate to the Tab where you added the targeting.

  1. The Key Values column can be used to edit Keys and Values for your digital items. Click the edit button to modify the targeting or the clear button to remove all configured targeting

  2. The Audience Segments column can be used to modify Segment Targeting for Xandr or Audience Items for Freewheel.

  3. For Google AdManager Audience Segments are also handled via the Key Value Targeting, so you will only need that one column displayed.

Once you selected some targeting criteria, it will be shown in the field:


Click the edit button to start modifying. This will open a new window or modal. This depends on whether you enabled the Lightning view or the former view.

The Lightning view is also part of the Campaign Builder targeting and will receive future updates while the former view will be deprecated at the end of 2024 as announced on this page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/3504701456

As a comparison, this is the Lightning view (opened in a modal) vs the former view (opened in a new browser window):

The setup section at the bottom explains how to enable the Lightning view.

Lightning view

How to edit values ( Lightning View)

  • Press the Add Key Value button and select the information needed in the fields: Name of Key Value and Value

  • Press Add Group if you need to enter more Groups and additional key-value information

  • Press Save and Back and you will see summarised key values under Targeting

Alternatively, you can select key values from Group menu, when pressing menu you will see the option Add Key Value, it will bring the same menu to add key-value data in Targeting.

You Can add values in two ways: directly from Group menu or you can add values from the tree feature on the right : Add from tree

To add from the tree, In Key Values targeting in the Groups menu select

  • Choose to Add from Tree option (Alternatively, there is a button with the same name Add Key Value displayed at the bottom of the Group menu page)

  • You might see options: Keys, Presets, Search

  • In option Keys, you will see the Tree menu displayed with Key drop-down menu.

  • Press > arrow next to the Key and open the Tree drop-down menu with associated Values located underneath

  • To open up Values information select > arrow. For example, by selecting Key for Age in the Tree menu you will find Values for varied age groups (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+).

  • Tick the box with the Key option needed (Important to activate your Key selection)

  • Tick the box with the Value option needed

  • Press Add, then Save and Back

Free Form Key Value in Targeting

Freeform Key Values are enabled for Google Ad Manager Targeting and can be selected from related items in the targeting UI.

To add a key value for Postal Codes, select Postal Codes in the Name of Key Value

  • Enter the Postal Code number into the field Value. You can submit this value regardless if this is an existing Key Value or a new value.

  • The data you have added will be reflected in the User Interface.


Ad Price Connection ID Assignments in New Key Values UI

You can use Ad Price Connection ID Assignments in the Lightning Key Value UI. This feature allows you to associate connection IDs with ad prices, ensuring that only assigned connection IDs for specific types are displayed. This impacts the visibility of all targeting types. Additionally, a new feature setting, "allowedAdServersByCategory," is introduced to selectively hide specific types of connection IDs in the Campaign Builder and Media Configuration.

To create and set up Ad Price Connection ID Assignments, refer to this page https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/711557176.

Logical operators

Logical operators in Google Account Manager

For GAM available logical operators are:

AND logical operator is available inside of one group of values

OR logical operator is available between the values of two or more groups


Logical operators in Xandr/ Freewheel:

For Xandr and Freewheel available logical operators are:

AND/OR operators are used inside of one group of values, you can switch between these logical operators inside one group

AND/OR operators are used between values of two groups, you can switch between these logical operators between several groups' values

Operators in the new KeyValue Targeting UI

For Xandr items you can select additional operators such as "less than," "less than or equal," "greater than," and "greater than or equal."

Please note that if greater than, greater than or equal, less than, or less than or equal operators are selected, only a single value may be chosen.

How to edit values ( Standard View)

Hitting the Edit button from Media Configuration will open a new window that if nothing has been previously selected looks like this: 

  • To start click on Add Group to create a new group.

Both editors (key values and audience segments) will look similar but pull different data in the background. 

Enter Key Values/Presets

  • Click on the Edit button (2). This opens the tree view on the right. (If you choose key values (3) you can also add presets (4) KeyValue Preset Wizard (Version 2.105 and up))

  • Navigate through the tree and select the key (5) and then the values (6) you like to add. (Select as many Key Value pairs as you need in that group. Remember those are combined with a logical AND (7)

  • Alternatively, you can Search (8) and get a dropdown list to select from.

Delete a group by clicking on the delete button (9)

Start again to add another group by clicking on Add Group (1) button again if needed. For the logical linking (OR or AND) please take a look at chapter 2 in the section of your AdServer.

Manually add new Key, Preset or Audience Segment

If you want to use, for example, the same Key two times within a group, you can manually add new lines for Key Values, Presets or Audience Segments. Simply click the arrow button (1) and a list of options appears.


Afterwards, a new line will appear at the bottom of your group. To select a Key and Values please click into the field to use a direct search. A list of Keys will appear as a dropdown after the click, additionally, you can start typing into the field to further narrow down the suggested Keys/Values. Do the same with the values.

This feature can be used to select the same Key multiple times within a group. For one line you can include the Values and for the other, you can exclude them. The result will look like this:

Enter Audience Segments

  • Click on the Edit button (2). This opens the tree view on the right. (If you choose key values (3).

  • Navigate through the tree and select the audience segment (5) and then the values (6) you like to add. (Select as many Audience Segment pairs as you need in that group. Remember those are combined with a logical AND. For further information about the handling with Xandr and FreeWheel please take a look at the bottom sections.

  • Alternatively, you can Search (8) and get a dropdown list to select from.

Start again to add another group by clicking on Add Group (1) button again if needed. For the logical linking (OR or AND) please take a look at chapter 2 in the section of your AdServer.Delete a group by clicking on the delete button (9)

Search for KeyValues / Presets / Audience Segments

We added a search tab for the KeyValue Selector and the Audience Segments Selector to spare you a long search through the list.

The screenshot below shows the new tab on the right. In the first picklist - which is by default All - you can select if you want to search in all categories or just in one. 

Afterwards please type in the search term. After you have selected your Targeting you can hit the save button to return to the Media Configuration.

View Predefined Key-Value Targeting

With the key value generator, it's possible to predefine key value targeting on Ad Spec or Ad Type level. Those keys and values will be automatically sent to the AdServer. If you set up additional Targeting on your Campaign Item, it will be put in an AND relation to the predefined targeting.

To prevent duplicate or even contradicting Targeting configurations, you are now able to view your predefined Key-Value Targeting from Ad Spec or Ad Type also on Campaign Item. In the Targeting selection, we integrated a new tab.

"Item Key Values" will show you the default view, where you can set your Key values and "Inhereted Key Values" will show you what has been set up at Ad Spec and Ad Type, if nothing is predefined, nothing will be shown.

Special Logic by Ad Server

For Google Ad Manager (GAM) as known from the UI

  • groups are always connected with OR and

  • operators within groups are selected as AND.

Audience Segments for Google Ad Manager are treated like Key Values, listed under a pseudo key called 'Audience Segments'. The selection for Key Values and Audience Segments thus behaves exactly the same and is in the same selection tree.


Please note that for Xandr you get the possibility to change your operators by hitting the buttons. You can either

  • connect groups with AND and have the

  • The operator OR within the groups

  • or vice versa. 

All buttons will invert when you decide to change one of them. So AND changes to OR and OR changes to AND.


Key Values

When you start to use multiple groups, Freewheel only allows an

  • AND operator between groups and an

  • OR operator within the groups.

If you only use one single group you can switch, whether the Key Values within that group should be connected via AND or OR. 

Audience Segments

Supported AdServers


  • All Audience Segments will be connected via OR.

The exclusion of segments is not supported. If you need the advanced function please ask your administrator to upgrade. 

Supported Adservers


1. You have the option to create up to three different groups of Audience Segments (called sets in Freewheel). Simply click the edit button to add new segments to a group. If you don't need all three groups leave the others empty. They will not be submitted to Freewheel.

2. Use this separate group if you want to exclude segments. Excluded segments are always counted additionally to the other configured segment targeting. 

3. You can decide how the segments within a group are connected. They can either all be in an AND relation or in an OR relation. This can be decided for each group separately

4. Additionally you can switch how the groups are connected to each other.


Further information on how to manage Tab Setup or Tab Rules can be found here: Tab Setup Tab Rules

3.5.11 Create Ad Price AdServer ID Assignments -> Black/Whitelisting of Targeting Criteria and Key Values for Products

Switching to Lightning View (Version 2.168.2 and above)

The new Lightning view in ADvendio offers an improved and streamlined user interface, enhancing the user experience when working with media configurations and campaign items. This user manual will guide you through the process of enabling the new Lightning view in the system and how to use it.

  • To begin, navigate to the Administration Settings and look for the Media Configuration & Optimizer section.

  • Look for the setting labelled Enable New Key Values UI and proceed to activate it.

  • If you only want to see the active records, while still in Administration Settings, locate the setting called Filter for Active Records and enable it. This verification process ensures that only Connection IDs with a field Active = true (or checked) are displayed on the new key values UI when searching. Next, you need to access the media configuration page and click the edit button under the key values tab.

Change default operators

If you would like to define define different operators for your Xandr or FreeWheel targeting selection when opening it the first time then you can adjust or create the following feature setting:

  • Feature Setting Name: AdServerTargetingDefaultConnectors

  • Feature Name: MediaConfiguration

  • Value:

    [ { "adserver":"APPNEXUS", "connector":"and" }, { "adserver":"FREEWHEEL", "connector":"or" } ]
  • Description:

    • the values can be in either uppercase or lowercase

    • the connector defined here is the one that will be shown between groups. The one shown within groups will be inverted