Setup Video Position Targeting

To set the duration of an Ad in seconds, please use the field Ad Duration, which is available at the Campaign Item and Ad Spec:

Version 2.110 and up
Supported AdserversDFP

To make Video Position Targeting available to your users you have to create AdServer IDs for the Video Positions you offer by using the Transfer from AdServer functionality at your DFP AdServer Login.

Follow these steps to create Video Positions:

  1. Add the fields ADvendio__MidRollAdPods__c and ADvendio_AdPodPositions__c to your DFP AdServer Login Layout (If not already there)

  2. Enter the same numbers you have specified in your Google Ad Manager Video Admin Settings into the fields.
  3. Click on "Transfer from AdServer". 
  4. Select "Video Position" in the picklist.
  5. Hit "Start". There will be AdServer IDs of Category "Video Positions" and Type "Video Position" created:
    1. There will be one Pre-roll, one Post-roll and one Any Mid-roll position created.
    2. There will be X Mid-roll positions created depending on your entry in the field ADvendio__MidRollAdPods__c.
    3. There will be Y Ad pod positions for each Pre-/Mid-/Post-roll position created depending on your entry in the field ADvendio_AdPodPositions__c.
  6. Activate the Video Position AdServer IDs to make them available to your users.
  7. Add the field "Video Positions" to a tab of your Media Configuration.