Setup Video Content & Content Bundle Targeting

Version 2.90 and up (DFP)

Version 2.95 and up (FreeWheel)

ADvendio allows you to import content bundles (DFP) and video content (DFP, FreeWheel) from your Adserver and target your line items to specific content bundles. These are NOT related to ADvendio Content. To set this up follow the next steps:

Open your adserver login and click on 7.3.2 Transfer Data from the AdServer Button. Then select the option Video Content and/or Content Bundles Import Video and Content Bundles:

Be patient - this process may take some time: 

As a second step 7.2.2 Setup Media Configuration and add a new tab and include the field Targetings > Video Content or just add this field to the existing Content Tab:

FreeWheel Restrictions: 

You can either target

  • content items (Video, Video Groups, Video Series, Sites, Sites Sections, Site Groups) or a
  • content package

but not both! If you like to target a content package you can only use one package per placement