4.4.4 What are the most common error massages for our Freewheel integration and how to fix them?


While using our Google Ad Manager integration with features like check availability or the submit, an error message appears that is coming directly from the Google API. What does this mean and what are the best ways to handle this?


What does an error from the API mean?

When submitting data from ADvendio into external platforms, there are always to platforms involved. ADvendio as the system which sends data and the external platform (e.g. the AdServer) which receives data. While we try to focus our application on validating the item configuration within ADvendio, so that we're not sending faulty data in our requests, there are still certain cases where an error is returned and shown in our interface as well as the result email:

This can have different reasons, for example a problem with the authentication against the external system, a missing setting in ADvendio, or you are trying something which is generally not allowed (like changing the start date of an already running position). Following we are looking at the most common error messages returned from our Freewheel integration, what they mean and how to prevent them.

What are the most common error cases?

Also have a look here 7.8 Error Messages.

Error Message
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Value not mapped: 6It was tried to transmit a DFP priority value for this campaign item which is invalid for FreeWheel.

Please select a valid FreeWheel priority for this Campaign Item.
(Priorities for Sponsorships can be used  in version 2.102 and up) Priority / Placement Override Settings
The value of parameter priority() is unvalid.Valid list: Guaranteed, PreemtibleThe value in the field Delivery Type is missing.

A value in the field Delivery Type has to be set for Sponsorships.
(We are setting default values in version 2.102 and up to avoid this error) Ad Type (FreeWheel)
Budget Model can't be blank The placement should be active, booked or bookable.The Budget Type is not set.Please set a value in the field Adtype at object Ad Type. Ad Type (FreeWheel)
Validation failed: The delivery pacing of Evergreen ad must be 'As Fast As'.The Pacing is not set.Please set a value in the field Delivery Rate Type at object Campaign Item.
Valid list: „FastAs“ or „SmoothAs“. Ad Type (FreeWheel)
Validation failed: Delivery Sponsorship AD must be Guaranteed and Fast As.The Pacing is not set.Please set „FastAs“ in the field Delivery Rate Type at object Campaign Item and "Guaranteed" in the field Delivery Type. Ad Type (FreeWheel)
Forecasting can't be run on the evergreen ad. The placement should be active, booked or bookable.FreeWheel does not support forecasts for Evergreens. Ad Type (FreeWheel)
Error: 422: Unprocessable Entity: You must select at least 1 item to include in content targeting. The placement should be active, booked or bookable.There is no (valid) content targeting AdServer ID assigned to the AdSpec.Please assign a (valid) Adserver ID of Type Series or Site to your AdSpec.
Error: 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: Ad product can't be cleared.There is no (valid) AdServer ID of Type Ad Unit assigned to the AdSpec.Please assign a (valid) Adserver ID of Type Ad Unit to your AdSpec.
Error 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: Campaign's advertiser do not have the active agency.There is no (valid/active) relation between the Advertiser and Agency set in your Campaign

In general ADvendio creates new relations between Advertisers and Agencies in Freewheel, if they are not existing yet.

If a relation between Agency and Advertiser already exists in Freewheel, but is set to inactive, this error appears. Please set this relation to active in Freewheel and try to submit your Media Campaign again.

7.3.7 FreeWheel Features

Error: 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: Stage can't be booked without any bookable placement.

You try to change an Insertion Order to the stage booked, although there are still Placements which can't be set to booked

If you set the field AdServer Status can be used to set an Insertion Order to booked. Sometimes there can be some problems, especially when creating a new Order/Placement.

We recommend to set the field to inactive and submit again. When the new Item is created, you can set the status to active again and submit again to transfer to Freewheel.

4.8.5 How to update the status of my Insertions Orders / Campaigns in the AdServer/SSP and approve Orders in Google AdManager?
Error 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: Ad product can't be cleared.You are trying to create a placement without an Ad Unit.Make sure that at least one AdServer ID of the type Ad Unit is connected to your Ad Spec and press submit to AdServer again. Linking Ad Units (FreeWheel)
error 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: Budget Currency / Impression / Demographic / Custom target / Evergreen can't be applied to flat rate placement.The current configuration of your item can not be used with a flat rate pricing (ADvendio Billing Category fixed price).

Your Ad Type configuration, doesn't work in combination with a flat fee / fixed price.

You will likely need to reconfigure your Ad Price to meet the requirements of Freewheel. Please keep in mind that ADvendio Billing Category fixed price only works with Sponsorship / Share of Voice type products.

See section at the bottom for possible combinations: Ad Type (FreeWheel)

422: Unprocessable Entity: This placement cannot be forecasted because it is missing a valid entry for Content TargetingYou are trying to create a placement without Content Targeting

Make sure to either: Connect at least one AdServer ID of the type Site Group / Site / Site Section or  Video Group / Series / Video to your Ad Spec 

Or use the Inventory or Video Content Targeting in the Media Configuration to select at least one of those as targeting.

7.3.7 FreeWheel Features#7.3.7FreeWheelFeatures-5.FreewheelForecastMode
422: Unprocessable Entity: Not Allowed for ML ODYou are trying to use Machine Learning Forecast, which is not allowed for your current API User.

Either change the configuration of your AdServer Login to use another Forecast Mode


get in Contact with Freewheel Support, to enable Machine Learning Forecasting for you.

Error: 422: Unprocessable Entity: Validation failed: The value of parameter 'pacing ()' is invalid. Valid list: [SMOOTH_AS, FAST_AS, FORECAST_INFORMED_DELIVERY_OPTIMIZATION, SMOOTH_OVER_LIFE_BUT_FAST_AS_WITHIN_A_DAY, CUSTOM_PACING].

The item you're trying to submit has no pacing settingsPlease fill the according value to the Delivery Rate Type field on Campaign Item4.2.5.6 How to overwrite Item Type and Goal settings from your Ad Type on Campaign Items(Ad Type, Goal Type, Goal Percent / Quantity)
"Error: 422: : Gross Impression Cap must be greater than 0 and less than 10000000000., Gross Impression Cap should be greater than Event Goal."An Impression Cap is needed for the item you are trying to submit. This information is required for Custom Event Targets in Freewheel.Please set the field 'Secondary Goal Quantity' on your Campaign Item and submit again. How to use Custom Event Targets for Freewheel?
Http 403 ForbiddenYou are trying to perform an action for which your API user does not have the required permissions. This could for example happen during the Transfer of Inventory data or Submit of Campaign Items.

Please contact Freewheel support, to help you find the issue and ensure your API user has access to all APIs used by ADvendio. If you need help with this, contact support@advendio.com. You can also ask to put our support email in CC for your Freewheel Ticket, so we can also directly communicate with them if needed.

See also Interface Version Control - Which ADvendio version uses which API/External Service Version? for a list of Freewheel APIs used by ADvendio.

(No Ad Server Specified or it is inactive: null)Our Gateway can not find which AdServer it needs to communicate with. The Item you're using is maybe not connected to an AdServer.

Check two things:

For your campaign item, has the connected AdType an AdServer Login entered?

If that is true, is the AdServer Login in ADvendio set to active? If inactive it will be ignored from our Gateway.